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Wick’em Moisture Management Bra Liner

The Natural

  • 1995

Wick’em MOISTURE MANAGEMENT BRA LINER for superior absorption

Style#: 5548

Ladies don’t sweat, they glisten. But let’s face it, even glistening can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Designed to absorb moisture

and prevent skin irritation the Wick’em Bra Liner pulls perspiration away from your skin and into the cotton fill. Not only will it save you

from unsightly wet spots, but the liner creates a cushion between you and your bra band for a comfortable fit that prevents skin-to-skin

contact. This Wick’em works best for women who need superior perspiration absorption. For women who want even more comfort or for women with sensitive skin, try our Natural Bamboo Wick’em.

Constructed from the same high-tech moisture management fabric used for athletic sportswear. This bra liner will

keep you dry and comfortable during your most vigorous workouts.

• super soft and comfortable

• exceptional wicking capabilities for women who need extra moisture control

• suitable for most skin types

• patented design for highest level of comfort

• cushions underwire bras to reduce rubbing and chafing

• cup portions fit inside bra preventing skin-to-skin contact and moisture build up that can cause rashes

• simple, affordable relief

• available in 4 sizes to fit A - G cups

• available in black or nude


Contents: 100% poly ester moisture management fabr ic with 100% cotton fill

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