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Waist Bandit - Sense Lingerie

Waist Bandit


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The Braza Wasist Bandit easily expands your waistband.  So steal yourself some breathing room!

Most of us do gain weight from time to time and just need a temporary fix until we are able to loose the extra pounds and inches. So, instead of squeezing into your pants or buying a new wardrobe, this temporary fix has become a popular alternative for many. Included is a cotton panel that will handle serious weight gain or (pregnancy... through the third trimester, as long as it's not triplets). Perfect for post-partum use too. 

Just thread the band through the top of the panel as shown and cover with an over blouse or jacket. Take one along on your next cruise, just in case. A great fix for both guys and gals.

Waistband Extension Beige- Two bands and a cover-up panel. One band has buttons and one has hook loops. They are both approximately 7 1/4"x 1 3/8". The button band is elastic and the loop is cotton.

The cover-up panel is approximately 7"x 9 1/2" and made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

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