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Super NuBra Padded Bra


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Super NuBra Padded Bra

The new Super NuBra Padded Bra increases your cup size. The Super NuBra Padded bra is a great alternative to the heavier Original NuBra. For a great alternative this season. So now you get the same comfort, styling and functions as the NuBra Feather Lite with the increase bra size as well. Soft and natural bra cups that provide a fully invisible fit and smoothness under your clothing.

There is a special adhesive inside of the bra cups, plus a front closure for cleavage and lift. Very easy to apply, remove and guaranteed to stay on securely when used properly. Self-adhesive cups are washable and reusable. You simply hand-wash the bra with a mild soap and water and then air-dry. Once the bra is dried, the adhesive regenerates itself to work over and over again. Includes a special plastic storage case to keep your bra free from dust and damages.

"Super NuBra Padded Bra" is the product name provided by the manufacturer Bragel. Bragel is the original manufacturer and patent company for the NuBra brand of products. The Super NuBra Padded Bra adds a light padding that push-up and enhances the cleavage.  The padding is not so thick that it will add an unnatural fit or look.  The thickness varies by size with extra padding in the AA and A sizes.  The Super NuBra Padded Bra is designed to help you create the look of larger breasts.

Content: 100% Silicone with 100% Polyurethane outer covering.

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