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Hollywood Fashion Tape Refillable Wand

Hollywood Fashion Secrets

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Hollywood Fashion Tape Refillable Wand

Your secret weapon for flawless fashion in a refillable dispenser! Clear, medical quality double-stick tape in 3 limited edition designs: Stick em’ up, Pretty petals, Classic Chevron.

Use the perfect amount of clothing or body tape every time, everyday! Our revolutionary tape gun advances and cuts the perfect amount of tape every time (works exclusively with Hollywood Fashion Tape). Comes pre-loaded with hypoallergenic double-stick fashion tape so you’re ready to shoot, stick, style!


1. Pull trigger to advance tape forward to desired length
2. Slide the cutter back with your thumb(s) to cut the tape
3. Press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric – be sure your skin is oil and lotion free
4. Peel the liner from the tape
5. Apply clothing to be secured


• Close blouse gaps
• Hide bra straps 
• Keep straps from slipping
• Close wrap styles
• Repair & adjust hems instantly
• Hold up shoe straps, thigh highs and knee socks

The pattern varies for this item and we will normally ship the pattern in stock.

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