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Gel Silicone Nipple Enhancers


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Our new Silicone Nipple Enhancers are great for those times when you want your nipple to protrude for that natural, raised look.  Adheres securely to skin, so you don't need to wear with a bra.  If you find the protrusion too strong, you can always trim/shape to your desired look for a more natural appearance.

These reusable gel nipples can be worn 25 or more times. 

These Silicone Nipple Enhancers are slightly transparent, to blend with your natural skin tone. 
Feels naturally soft, so no worries when someone touches or brushes up against them.
Applies directly to the skin, without the need of additional adhesives.   
Approved safe and skin friendly, but should not be used on irritated or broken skin.
Suitable for bathing suits, light fabric bras, sweaters, t-shirts, alone or with any other style.
Also great to wear with Bust Enhancement Pads to increase the natural appearance.
The Silicone Nipple Enhancer comes in their own storage case.  One pair per package.

How to Trim:

  • Cut to the size you like with scissors.
  • You a nail file to shape and smooth the cut.
  • The Clear (Transparent) color gives you the most natural look. It blends with your natural color.

Colors: Clear, Nude, Brown  or Pink

One Size Fits All.

Nude currently on backorder until 11/1/17.

This item is created with a silicone adhesive. If you have an adverse reaction to this product, discontinue use immediately.

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