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Flash Tape - Sense Lingerie

Flash Tape


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The cure-all for every woman's dressing dilemma!

Flash tape double sided tape stops you showing more than you want when wearing sexy styles. Does not mark skin, kind to even the most delicate fabric.

Works Great with:

  • Deep Plunge Tops and Dresses  
  • Open-sided Dresses 
  • Wrap Style Tops 
  • Tube Tops & Halters 
  • Cuffs, Scarfs, Socks  
  • Side Split Skirts 
  • Bra Straps, Shoulder Pads

Use a little or a lot with 10 Yards (360 inches) of easy to crack and peel, double-sided tape.  Handy, compact, perfect for travel.
Dare to bare! Convenient, fumble-free dispenser. Flashing optional.

Transparent (clear)

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