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Bra Discs


  • 1995

Edith's Bra Discs

Bra Discs are worn with a bra and are the perfect solution to women's concerns with nipple protrusion. Women love to wear beautiful sexy clothing: however, when nipple protrusion is evident, a woman's professional appearance may be compromised.

Bra Discs camouflage nipple protrusion when worn with smooth lightweight bras and are great under summer tee's Bra Discs are reusable and washable Perfect for everyday wear Bra Discs are extremely soft and comfortable for all day wear. Bra Discs are non-adhesive, so they must be worn with a bra. Also comes in a convenient storage case.

Available in Blush (Natural Nude) or Mocha (Chocolate Brown)

One Pair (2 Pieces) per package.

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