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Adhesive Push Up Bra Pads


  • 1200

Tabare Adhesive Push Up Bra Pads

The Push-Up Bra Pads that adhere to your clothing instead of your skin.  You can also slip it into your bra for an instant lift.  Gives you a fuller cleavage and works with or without a bra.  Place them near the bottom of your bra/garment to lift up or place them on the side to push them closer together.

  • Thick, comfortable and effective!
  • Perfectly shaped push-up pads in Beige or Black.
  • Reusable, Polyolefin Gel Adhesive for long-lasting use of adhesive up to 50 times with proper care. 

One Size
1 Pair (2 Pieces) per package. 
Dimensions: Approximately 4¾" X 3½" (Measured across thickness)

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