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Bare Ultimate Butterfly Bra


  • 1995

Our newest edition to the Bare Clasp Bra collection ~ Bare Ultimate Butterfly Bra

Now vented for more comfort.  Don't worry, the vents are still no-show under any fabrics.  

The Bare Ultimate Butterfly Bra offers:

  • Lighter foam padding that offers a supportive and comfortable fit
  • Vented, breathable fabric with stick-less area for your nipple
  • Strong Silicone adhesive for freedom to jump, dance and walk that runway with confidence
  • Seamless styling for wear under all your fashions
  • Our Bare Clasp Bra collection is made of Polyolefin gel, which is much stronger and longer lasting than Silicone gel adhesive.

An adhesive body bra that not only provides seamless and backless coverage; it enhances your cleavage with a unique front clasp. The Bare Clasp Ultimate Bra has a soft, lightweight fabric and the same skin-friendly adhesive used with many of the Tabare Couture products. The Bare Clasp Ultimate Bra holds up securely and firmly. Washable and reusable more than 50 times. 

It’s easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to care for and stays securely with proper care.

After each use simply clean the adhesive bra with our mild cleanser or use a mild soap and water and dry naturally with fabric side down on a paper towel.  Once it's dry, you can store it until the next use.

Available in cup sizes A, B, C and D and should work well for bands from 32 - 38. 

Products that adhere to the skin are non-returnable.

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