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Reveal Cleavage Bra - Sense Lingerie

Reveal Cleavage Bra


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Reveal Cleavage Bra by Braza (also known as the Reveal Light Bra)


Create natural shaping and reliable support with the 5 way strapless advantage.
• Wear without the clip for deep plunge fashions
• Wear with the clip for added cleavage 
It's the only strapless support product of its kind reliable up to size DD. Reveal Cleavage is thin, comfortable and unnoticeable under tight tops.
Can be used 50 times.
  • It lifts and supports naturally without the addition of a bra or other adhesive products.  
  • It can be worn in three directions, so it creates a multitude of shapes, cleavage and enhancement while giving you just the look you want for every outfit, no mather how revealing: 
  • Use with the tip facing down and you have a wonderful push up, over the top enhancement for backless, strapless clothing. 
  • Use  with the tip facing up and you can wear with deep plunge gowns and open-sided fashions. (There is no center clip to obstruct the look or function of the bra.
  • Use with the lip facing the underarm and you can create a multitude of enhancement effects.

The Reveal Cleavage Silicone adhesive bra:

  • shapes & lifts
  • supports with no clasp
  • looks & feels fabulous 
  • reusable up to 50 
  • perfect for deep plunge necklines
  • perfect for strapless fashions 

Package includes one pair (two pieces) of silicone adhesive cups packaged in tray.  To add a full cup size, try the original Reveal Silicone Bra.

This item is created with a silicone adhesive. If you have an adverse reaction to this product, discontinue use immediately. Adhesive products are non-returnable due to the nature of their use.

The Reveal Cleavage has replaced this item and has an extra center attachment that can be removed/unattached.

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