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Petal Lites Disposable Nipple Covers


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Tabare Couture Petal Lites Disposable Nipple Covers are light, petal shaped nipple covers made with a skin-safe, non-latex adhesive for one time use.

Perfect for daily wear to prevent protruding nipples. A great "No Show" product for all your sexy tops.

Petal Lites Disposable Nipple Covers are very thin and soft to the touch and easy to apply and remove.  

Soft cotton-padded center to compressed your nipple and provide an ultra smooth look and feel.
Petal Lites Disposable Nipple Covers are waterproof and compliments any skin tone. So wear with or without a bra, under t-shirts, sweaters, tank tops, sheer tops, sheer bras, sports bras, bathing suits, evening wear. Perfect for swimming, tanning and every day use.

Coming soon in all four colors: Nude, Tan, Brown or Black.

Package Size: 5 Pairs

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