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Nippits are unique, patented, padless nipple concealment strips that help females feel more comfortable and confident in all types of clothes and lingerie.

The perfect Solution for times you do not want your nipples to show. Latex-free, physician designed and medically approved. Conceals nipples under gowns, tops, sheer bras, and even wet swimsuits Eliminates embarrassing moments (especially at work) by preventing nipple visibility. The choice of women for ease of use, natural appearance, and total effectiveness. Today's women, from workplace to Hollywood or any social situation, want the option of gaining more control of their appearance while complimenting their wardrobe. Nippits afford women this control and allows them to feel natural, free and sexy. The latest fashions, including sheer fabrics, halter tops, form fitting blouses, t-shirts, evening wear, corporate suits and even wet swimsuits can be worn with confidence, freedom and fun.

Nippits are one time use (non-reusable).

5 Pairs Per Package

Size: approx. 1" x 2.5"

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