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Gel Petal Silicone Nipple Covers


  • 1200

The best quality Silicone Nipple Covers available, petal shape edges for easy placement and removal. Quality 100% Silicone adhesive for a guaranteed stay on fit.  

These reusable Gel Silicone Nipple Covers can be worn 30 or more times.
The very light adhesive Silicone covers adheres securely to skin, so you don't need to wear with a bra.  They are made of high-grade, soft 100% pure silicone gel (latex-free) and are very easy to apply and maintain. 

Applies directly to the skin, without the need of special adhesives.   
Material has been approved safe and skin friendly.
Suitable for bathing suits, bras, sweaters, t-shirts, alone or with any other style.

Note the improvements to the products as recommended by our dedicated customers:

* We've added more adhesive for a longer lasting use time and a stronger bond, so you can always be confident that you are wearing the best product on the market.  Remember to be gentle when removing.

Reusable Pair (2 pieces) per package.

Colors: Nude, Tan, Brown

Shape: Petal 

Also available in the thinner, round shape covers Gel Round Silicone Nipple Covers

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