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Clear Bra Extenders


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Braza Clear Bra Extenders

Bras are now available in a multitude of colors and prints so it is impossible to supply bra extenders to satisfy every bra - until now. The bra extender is clear and transparent to blend with any style bra or skin color, to become virtually un-noticeable.

Clear, flexible, soft, plastic extenders that are hypo-allergenic and metal free. They come in several sizes to fit most bras!

The 2-hooks package contains two extenders, a standard and a narrow (great for European designed bras). The 3-Hooks and 4-Hooks package contains one extender.

Sizes: 2-Hooks (2 pieces per package), 3 Hooks (1 piece per package) or 4 Hooks (1 piece per package)

Color: Clear/Transparent

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