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Wipe Out Sponges - Sense Lingerie

Wipe Out Sponges


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Braza Wipe Outs Pads

Deodorant, make up and dust residue can easily be removed from clothing with these magic petal shaped pads.

You've seen something like this and you may be carrying it. Ours, shaped like a petal, are pretty as well as functional. Since they also remove pet hair, lint, dandruff and stubborn food particles, it's a natural to add to your arsenal of grooming products that you ‘never leave home without'.

Psst... Check out our price; you will see that you get twice as much for less than you pay now. Our cute packaging is not hard plastic or cardboard so it can easily be placed in a travel bag and it takes up less room on your accessories fixture.

Four (4) pieces per package.

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