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Bra Strap Traps


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The Bra Strap Trap can replace the need for invisible bra straps or strapless bras because it secures the bra strap to the garment so it stays put and out of sight.

The Bra Stap Traps are great for hiding bra straps whether you're wearing a wedding dress, work shirt or strappy summer top. Having your bra straps showing can be embarrassing & irritating. The Bra Strap Trap can help you avoid this. They're quick and easy to sew into your tops and dresses and can help make your whole outfit look great all day long, without any strap slippage. The Bra Strap Trap only needs a few stitches to hold them in place and then you can forget they're even there. They can even go through the wash. Bra Strap Traps are easy to use once they're sewn in, you just slide your bra strap through the trap and they're held in place, no more pulling up straps all day long.

Available in three colors: Clear, White, Black or Assorted.

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