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Bra Safety Washer - Sense Lingerie

Bra Safety Washer


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Braza Bra Safety Washer Eliminate bent underwires and damage to molded bras.

The bags are safe for all types of washers. The bags will accomandate most cup sizes and has reinforcers to keep the bra in place.

As good as hand washing your bras!

The BRA SAFETY WASHER provides a safe alternative to hand washing underwire, molded and padded bras.

The strong plastic tubing is the secret behind protecting the most delicate of bras. The 'seat belt' straps keep the bra in the same direction as the tubing so they cannot be crushed.

You will appreciate a washer that will extend the life of her bras, eliminate damage to underwires, molded and padded bras, eliminate hand washing and give her time to do something (anything) she really wants to do.

One bra per washer voyage for best results. 

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