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Tabare Couture Gel Silicone Nipple Covers provide a real style secret to wearing any type of clothing you desire. Whether you are dressing for work, play or a night out on the town, balance is the key to dressing well and Sense Solutions Gel Silicone Nipple Covers are the elements that can impact your overall image.  Our Nipple covers can conceal your secrets with a seamless look. In comparison with many other brands currently on the market, our designers created a product that is thinner on the edges and smoother, so that you will never looked covered but smoother.


Often and without knowing why, women are made to feel less than one hundred percent in their clothing because they are unnecessarily attracting attention to their breasts.  You notice instantly while interacting with someone the break in their attention when eyes dart downward to a woman’s breasts and more specifically her nipples.  Instantly you become self-conscious of the need to camouflage.  Sense Solutions Gel Silicone Nipple Covers are your answer. 


With nipple covers, there is no need to worry about how to camouflage.  It conceals while still allowing the outfit to flatter. One of the trickiest elements of style to conquer is bringing balance to your wardrobe; knowing how to flatter and remain trendy without the unwanted sight of protruding nipples.


Balance is how the entire outfit fits with the person wearing it. Over exposure and a barely there outfit that illustrates a woman’s breasts can kill an image and bring about negative connotations. Yet, we choose too often to toss aside a great outfit because it’s too sheer, over exposed and we’re not sure if it’s appropriate. The secret to this dilemma is nipple covers with thinner edges for that seamless look.

Nipple covers are the elements that pull any outfit together.  With Sense Solutions Gel Silicone Nipple Covers there’s no need to worry about bra lines, sizing, or over-exposure in clothing.  You can practically wear what you want and feel confident in knowing the nipple covers will provide concealment.

Nipple covers can complement both your appearance and communication style. It provides you with a very handy strategy when you want people to instantly focus on your sense of style and what you’re saying, not inappropriate thoughts on what you look like naked or wondering if you like the attention. 

You can easily incorporate nipple covers into your wardrobe as another piece of necessity.  Sense Solutions Gel Silicone Nipple Covers are affordable and can be reused up to 100 times with proper use and care.  And with a few different color choices, nipple covers can complement any outfit.  The Sense Solutions Gel Silicone Nipple Covers are transparent and blends naturally with your skin tone. Our Gel Silicone Nipple covers are available in three translucent colors: Nude (fair), Tan (medium) and Brown (dark).  So we’ve covered everyone, so that you will look appropriate in any style, from the wooly sweater to the sheerest blouse. 

When searching for that confidence in every outfit start with nipple covers and mask your most intimate areas while flaunting your style.   

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